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Alice Sumner Le Duc (1868-1962)

Alice Sumner Le Duc was born in Hastings, Minnesota on February 18, 1868.  The daughter of a Civil War general, Le Duc never formally studied art, but developed her own style of Impressionist painting, choosing to depict mainly her family members and local scenery.  After her mother died in 1904, Le Duc served as an aide to her father, accompanying him on business trips and handling his correspondence.  Le Duc also designed embroidery patterns for her two older sisters' business, Hastings Needlework.  The business was quite successful and Le Duc was able to purchase her own home in Minneapolis.  Le Duc never exhibited her paintings or entered them in competitions, perhaps due to the belief that it was not considered proper for a woman of her social standing to participate in the activities of a professional artist.  Alice Sumner De Luc died at her home on December 17, 1962.

Information from Minnesota Impressionists, Rena Neumann Coen, 1996, Afton Historical Society Press

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