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Alexander Grinager (1865-1949)

Like many of his contemporaries, Alexander Grinager traveled extensively to train and work as an artist.  Born on January 26, 1865 in Albert Lea, Minnesota, Grinager began his training in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He later studied in Philadelphia and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.  Grinager returned to Minnesota on several occassions, where he was active in the Minnesota Artists League founded by artist Rober Koehler.  He moved to Westchester County, New York and married artist Margaret Wade.  Grinager continued to travel to Europe and exhibit around the United States.  His work was part of an exhibit at the 1933-34 Chicago Exposition.  Alexander Grinager died on March 8, 1949.

Information from Minnesota Impressionists, Rena Neumann Coen, 1996, Afton Historical Society Press

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